About Toastmasters

Founded in 1924, Toastmasters International is a worldwide non-profit organisation teaching public speaking and leadership skills through a diverse and immense network of 13000 clubs (independent, company- or institution-based)  with 270000 members in over 116 countries.<br>

Its famous alumni include Jim Lovell, the commander of Apollo 13 who prevented a space disaster, Leonard Nimoy, the actor who created “Captain Spock” in Star Trek, and the Home Improvement comedian Tim Allen. They all enjoyed the friendly and supportive environment of Toastmasters which taught them how to speak with confidence in front of large audiences, improve their speaking technique, refine their organisation, time management and other “soft” skills.<br>

“Russian English Speakers” is the first Toastmasters club in the UK to speak Russian. It has already attracted a growing audience from the Russian-speaking community in London, expats and Russian learners.<br>

Discussing every possible topic from Space Exploration to St. Valentine’s Day, “Russian English Speakers” welcome people of all ages and occupations – finance professionals, lawyers, former diplomats, reporters, media workers, professors and university students. Drawing upon this international flair and diverse experience, the meetings are always exciting and fun, providing many learning opportunities for members and visitors.<br>

Our aim is to connect like-minded people speaking Russian and English in a friendly atmosphere and help them enhance their public speaking and leadership skills.

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  1. I am just in process of joining my local Toastmasters in Buckinghamshire, but would also like to attend one of your meetings, however, I do not speak Russian, is that going to be a problem?

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