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Just like universities are places where bright minds meet and huge projects are created, even “Russian English Speakers” offers  more than a learning and development experience:

Networking is an important aspect of life, career and business. And there is no better way to explore it than by spending time doing little projects together, or while having a drink after an entertaining workshop to speak about everything you wish.

That is exactly what “Russian English Speakers” do. In addition to our regular members who exercise their soft skills (public speaking, communication, leadership, etc.), we welcome a large number of guests at every meeting. Together we  experience cultural exchange, make new friends and discover new opportunities. There really is always something new at each and  every meeting!

Toastmasters International, the ancestor of all Learning & Development programs, was founded in 1924 to help young adults excel in their soft/transferable skills. It has grown into an immense network of independent, company- or institution-based clubs in 116 countries.

“Russian English Speakers” is the first among these clubs in Europe to speak Russian.

Since January 2012 the club has attracted a growing audience from the Russian-speaking community in London, expats and some Russian learners, welcoming people of all ages and occupations – finance professionals, lawyers, former diplomats, reporters, media workers, professors and university students.
With such international flair and diverse experience, our meetings in both Russian and English are always exciting and fun, providing many learning opportunities for regular guests and visitors.

To attend any of our meetings, please send an e-mail to russianenglishlondon@gmail.com

There are no attendance fees – however, it is of utmost importance to let us know if you and/or your friends would like to come because we need to finalize the guest list for security reasons.

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