Fine Tune your Leadership Skills – help run the club

Russian English Speakers, like all Toastmasters clubs, is not-for-profit and run by unpaid volunteers.

As a member of our club serving on our Committee is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

The leadership roles are:

  • President. Opens the club meetings, chairs committee meetings and represents the club to the outside world
  • Vice President Education. Plans the meetings and ensures that members achieve their goals
  • Vice President Membership. Recruits new members and ensures ongoing membership strength
  • Vice President Public Relations. Informs the local community about our club
  • Treasurer. Handles all financial matters
  • Secretary. Keeps all club records and manages committee meetings
  • Sergeant-at-Arms. Manages the venue and all physical aspects of club meetings

Where possible we change all of the club leaders once a year, though some people move to a different role.

Any member can join the committee – everybody is encouraged to do so at least once.

The committee term is 1 year, from 1 July to 30 June.

The new team will be appointed during May, so let us know of your interest as soon as possible.

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