Become a Club Officer and Boost your Income!

The Club Officer roles are:

  • President
  • Vice President Education
  • Vice President Membership
  • Vice President Public Relations
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Sergeant at Arms
  • Immediate Past President

It is sometimes forgotten that you can gain material advantages from being an officer and from the skills which you learn, practice and refine during your term.

Club Officers Transferable Skills

As President for example, you develop skills in team building and other management and leadership skills such a strategic planning and project management. Your people skills will blossom, and you master conflict resolution,  negociations and coaching. Meeting facilitation and time management will become second nature. Any employer will value a candidate with experience like this.

The Vice President Education gets to master much of the above, and particular IT skills with multi channel communication. Scheduling, conflict resolution, decision making, mediation, negotiations, strategic planning and time management all develop exponentially in the committed VPE. There is no room for all of the areas which enrich the VPE’s CV, though we should not forget event planning and management, personal development, career counselling, mentoring, training and networking. Make sure this goes on your LinkedIn profile!

Our Vice President Membership gets to work with 20 – 40 members and with hundreds of visitors. People, marketing and sales skills come to the fore. But also personnel orientation, HR development, career planning and customer service. You get to use marketing tools such as MailChimp and other social media. Your role is highly visible and results oriented, so don’t be shy.

The Vice President Public Relations has a juicy role! In fact what you do here is only limited by your imagination, budget and time. (Don’t forget you can delegate parts of the role, and lead a team). So you will develop team leadership and delegation skills. You may learn how to work with the media and get club news mentioned in the papers, radio, TV and on line.Your journalistic talents may skyrocket, and also your reputation as a photographer, video maker, blogger and podcaster. This may be the time to launch into social media with Facebook, Twitter, Meetup and many, many more. You are the face and voice of the club and also of Toastmasters International.Your reputation and employability can only blossom.

You don’t have to be a banker or accountant to be club Treasurer, though you will gain some invaluable financial skills through your term. Budget preparation, revenue tracking, credit management, revenue forecasting, financial reporting, business banking, purchasing and cash flow management will become second nature.

The club Secretary plays a vital if sometimes overlooked role. This is the real Administrator, who guides the President and other Officers, keeps an accurate record of everything that happens in the club, communicates with Toastmasters International, organises and records all the Committee Meetings. Every successful organisation relies on people with these skills.

The club’s Sergeant-at-Arms performs an interesting and influential role both in meetings and behind the scenes. This is the inventory manager and director of logistics, skilled in planning and negotiation with members and outside. In the meetings, this is first person visitors get to see, the master of ceremonies, super salesman, controller, host, manager and highly visible leader. Reliability and dependability are high among the SAA’s qualities.

Refer to this chart to remind you of the transferable skills to be developed as a club officer.

Club Officers Transferable Skills

Make sure the title is included in your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Ask for recommendations and testimonials to amplify your achievements in the role.

Be a proud Club Officer, boost your career and your income!

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