2014 New Year’s Greetings & Resolutions

С новым годом!

We hope 2013 was a year of great accomplishments in your life, and wish you that 2014 will be even better – more growth, happiness and positive surprises!

Meanwhile “Russian English Speakers” is approaching its second anniversary. A few key moments to remember from the past twelve months: the Pub Table Topics in the City, the sunny Pic Nic at Kensington Gardens, and the scenic autumn walk in the North Downs.

But it goes without saying that the true highlights were those countless high quality meetings and advanced speeches that made us laugh, think, discuss – sometimes even cry – and inspire us to explore new initiatives.We owe this to everyone who supported our club: our mentors, our friends from all around the Toastmasters universe, our sister clubs (and daughter clubs!), our club officers and founders, our guests and our members – and, most importantly, you! 

So take advantage of this momentum and try adopting at least one realistic resolution point into your plans for 2014:
1. Complete your next Toastmasters award!
2. Complete another award!!
3. Take on a guest role at our neighbouring clubs – remember that will also count towards your awards!!!
4. Help organize a club social, contest or be Toastmaster for one evening.
5. Apply for a club officer role in July!


If you manage to tick all five, even better! We know you can, because we know you are ALREADY a Competent Communicator or Leader- you only need to certify it :-) Happy New Year!

The Club Committee

Russian English Speakers, London, Toastmasters International(Colm, David, Elyza, Irina, Victoria, Yulia, Mikhail, Solomon, Treshan)

P.S.: Our next meetings are on January 6th and January 20th. The earlier you RSVP (on Meetup) or request a role (on D71), the better!

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